Meldrum Country House Hotel
Nestled in the heart of Aberdeenshire’s tranquil countryside, but just a few short miles from Aberdeen city centre, the 4 Star Meldrum House Country Hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland is a charming 13th century baronial mansion house set in a 240-acre estate.

In June 2016, a new £4.5million wing was opened which added 28 bedrooms and a new Ballroom to Meldrum House. As soon as you enter the Meldrum country estate, the first thing that becomes apparent is a refreshing air of tranquillity. Roll up the gentle drive and you might catch a glimpse of a roe-deer or a falcon. You may even hear their distant call, echoing over the ping of a golf club.

Meldrum Country House Hotel & Golf Course is a place where luxury comes as standard. The finest of accommodation. Exquisite surroundings. Unforgettable cuisine. And of course, world-class golf. Whether a long stay or a short break, our standard of accommodation sets new standards of comfort. There’s the Manor house, with its elegant rooms, or the spacious Stables with modern Scottish décor. This is how 4 gold star hospitality should be.

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From the individual rooms of the Manor House, the new Club rooms in the new wing, to the modern Scottish décor of The Stables and the warmth of The Chain Lodge, we’re sure you’ll find Meldrum House one of the most beautiful, sophisticated and comfortable golf hotels in Scotland.

Suites & Rooms
From the individual rooms of the Manor House, our new Club rooms in the new wing, to the modern Scottish décor of The Stables and the warmth of The Chain Lodge, we’re sure you’ll find Meldrum House one of the most beautiful, sophisticated and comfortable golf hotels in Scotland.

Manor Home
The Manor house has 10 rooms. Every one unique. Each individually designed in keeping with the baronial character of the hotel’s history, with original antique artefacts associated with Meldrum over the centuries.

The Stables
The Stables are adjacent to the Manor house, offering 13 generously proportioned double rooms. Decorated in a contemporary Scottish style.


Pineapple Grill & Seafood
Pineapple is in our 2 Red Rosette Dining Room. For those not familiar with the name, historically it symbolises welcome, friendship and great hospitality. The name dates back as far as 1493 when Christopher Columbus arrived in Spain on his second voyage of the world. He ventured inland and came across what he thought to be a deserted Carib Indian village. The sailors found a fruit that had a sweet flavour and juiciness and Columbus recorded it in his log as looking like a pine cone.  Not long after, the pineapple was found in royal courts and circles in Europe. Any guest who was invited to a party where a whole pineapple was displayed, knew that there was no expense spared in guaranteeing the guests’ enjoyment. It was this that made the crowned fruit the high symbol of social events. Today, you will see it at the entrance of many hotels, inns and restaurants where they are impressing on their guests that they are very welcome. 

The Viking Domes
Named after the stars in the sky and will have stunning views out across the estate and golf course.  Named after the six-star system, Castor will hold up to 6 guests and the larger dome, named Aurora will hold up to 12. Diners will access the domes from a private door in the hotel, following a lit stone path onto the lawns.  

Carefully thought out, the atmospheric domes have wooden flooring and tailor-made furniture decked out with beautiful lantern lamps. A Bluetooth music system is installed in each where you can wire in your own surround sound music choices.

Available to hire for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, the natural environment will create a real wow factor with 360 degree views to the original manor house, the highland cows, golf course and the sky above.

Cave Bar
The Cave Bar at Meldrum House is part of the original manor house’s rich history, dating back to 1236. Originally, this part of the building was a larder and storeroom. The area where the Whisky Club is now housed was where they smoked and hung meat and fish that would have come in from the Estate and further afield.

The Cave Bar was much smaller than this originally.  In 2016, we knocked the back wall down into a bedroom that Robin Duff, the last Laird of Meldrum House until his death in 1990, had built specially for his friend, the ballet dancer Margot Fontaine, when she came to stay.  It revealed the same beautiful walls under the plasterwork and takes in the two turrets that were part of the bedroom.

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