GHW Golf Tours Private security services in Scotland / The UK 

We provide Government level security services in Scotland.

Our expertise encompasses all aspects of Close Protection with a focus on bodyguards for UHNWIs, TSCM, Business Intelligence and Special Investigation Services. Excellence is our standard. Bodyguard protection for High Net Worth Individuals / Groups GHW Golf Tours Close Protection offers state of the art Government Level Close Protection operatives and security services.

The Bodyguards we deploy are the best available in the UK. They have received an extended tactical and strategic training and undergo continued Government run update programs.

Our Close Protection teams are specially trained to fully handle the security needs of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Our Security specialists will design, in consultation, a security package which best suits the clients needs and will be provided either on arrival in the UK or a security delegation specific to requirements can collect from your home.

Services include: Government trained Close Protection Operatives, Tactical Drivers, Interpreters, Convoy Management specialists, security vehicles, Vehicles & Tactical Drivers

Our convoy management security specialists guarantee your safety in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Security vehicles, tactical drivers, route management, our Government trained operatives are simply the best Executive Travel Security.

Your risk profile requires a full Executive Protection team at all times for your domestic movements in the UK?

Not a problem. Our team covers all of your needs and/or offers support to your protection tea For our high risk profile client’s that would deploy a Police Protection team we can provide security consultants with a high level of experience in such matters as a family/client liaison.

When to use our bodyguard services in Scotland / the UK?

Even though the UK is a rather safe place, there might be instances during which using Executive Protection Officers in the UK is a wiser option:

- You are a UHNWI and Close protection is not an option whenever you travel abroad.
- You are a Public figure and need a Close Protection team.
- Your diplomatic mission needs domestic support for a close protection operation.
- You have received serious threats.
- You want to fully enjoy life in the UK without having to worry about any minor threats.
- You are used to the comfort a security team brings and need to make your time in the UK as safe as possible.
- As well as golf you may be shooting a movie in the UK and need Executive Protection to protect your talents.
- am (private or Government) needs domestic logistics support on UK soil

First Aid

All Executive Protection Officers are highly trained in first aid to FREC 3 Level Contact GHW Golf Tours for Close Protection Services Contact our team now for a threat and risk assessment.

Our security specialists will propose a Protection Solution suitable to your Risk category and budget. Find out more about our security services and bodyguards in the UK. 

Contact our team today for a risk assessment or let us know your requirements and we will get back to you with a proposal that fits your neds. 

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